ICFMA Board of Directors

Mike Kennaw – Fox Blocks

Phone: 360-961-5140
Email: [email protected]

Natalie Rodgers – Nudura

Phone: 705-627-4495
Email: [email protected]

Brian Corder – BuildBlock Building Systems

Phone: 405-840-3386
Email: [email protected]

Jason Unruh – Superform

Phone: 877.627.3555 | Ext 2
Email: [email protected]

Douglas Bennion – Quad-Lock

Phone: 604.534.8626 ext 222
Email: [email protected]

Andy Lennox – Logix Brands

Phone: 705-928-3779
Email : [email protected]

Michael D. Lain – Integraspec

Phone: 613-634-1319
Email: [email protected]

Gary Brown – Amvic Building System

Phone: 416-410 5674 x 114
Email: [email protected]

ICFMA Administration

Ross Monsour – ICFMA Director

Phone: [email protected]
Email: 613-290-6869

Board of Director Roles

ICFMA Chair Mike Kennaw [email protected]

ICFMA Vice Chair Brian Corder [email protected]

ICFMA Treasurer Jason Unruh [email protected]

Sub Committee Roles

ICFMA Technical Committee Chair – Michael Buchholz – [email protected]

ICFMA Marketing Committee Chair – Natalie Rodgers – [email protected]

ICFMA Education Committee Chair – Micah Garrett – [email protected]