CLT Wood vs Concrete

Concrete construction is one of the strongest and longest lasting forms of construction in the known world. Though many improvements have been made in technology, at the end of the day laminates, glues, and other materials used to create exotic wood based building materials just cannot withstand exposure to fire. Saving lives in the first…Read moreRead more

Build With Strength: Chesapeake Village Center, Stephensville, MD

An NRMCA Build With Strength Concrete Design Center Project The NRMCA Build With Strength Concrete Design Center provides information, expertise and resources for commercial mid-rise projects. Connecting architects, engineers, and material experts to create structures that are strong, resilient, extremely energy efficient and cost effective to construct.

ICFs – Hurricane Awareness Tour 2016

Donn Thompson, Senior Director Market Dev – Portland Cement Association, is featured in this short clip about the benefits of building with ICFs when it comes to Hurricanes.

Net Zero Home Built With LOGIX ICF Time Lapse Video

Hurricane Sandy: A Story of Survival