The ICFMA has worked to produce this First Edition of the ICFMA Prescriptive ICF Design Tables for Part 9 Building in Canada. The following guideline specifications were developed on behalf of the member companies of the Insulating Concrete Form Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) by Tacoma Engineers Inc. with offices in Ontario, Canada.

The objective of this manual is to provide Prescriptive Tables, Engineering Details, and ICF product information that is code compliant for buildings constructed under Part 9 of the 2015 National Building Code of Canada. This manual provides code compliant information for Insulating Concrete Forms across each provincial region of Canada and contains a broad scope of residential designs that cover specific nuances of individual provincial regions. Each of the tables and designs cover the standard specifications for products manufactured or produced by members of the ICFMA. This guide is available in both English and French language versions.

The tables in this manual are the property of the ICFMA and are specific to the products offered by ICFMA member companies. The tables are not authorized for use by non-member ICF manufacturers or non-ICF methods of concrete forming.

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