Before building with any ICF it is important to be properly trained and for homeowners to source out trained installers that can complete your job correctly. All of the member companies of the ICFMA adhere to a training program that provides installers with the necessary steps to getting trained.

ICFMA members provide one-day training seminars across North America which provide builders & installers with basic ICF installation skills. ICFMA members are committed to providing the highest level of training, ensuring you or your installer get the knowledge needed to get the job done with efficiency and confidence.

ICFMA member courses are led by experienced ICF installers who have real-world installation experience. ICFMA members use trainers that break down the ICF installation process, work through common building scenarios that arise in the field, and explain how to use accessory products that can help speed up the ICF installation process. These full-day classes follow best in class live demonstrations so students can see first hand how to apply what they have learned on screen and apply it. The One-day training seminars provided by ICFMA members cover a variety of topics:

  • Tools & Materials
  • Footings & Slabs
  • Placing Courses
  • Placing Rebar
  • Penetrations
  • Concrete Placement
  • Electrical & Plumbing
  • Floor & Roof Connections
  • Drainage & Waterproofing
  • Interior& Exterior Finishes
  • Estimating Engineering

For more information on training programs visit our ICFMA members who provide training programs across North America. The ICFMA also partners with similar organizations like the NRMCA on basic ICF education classes across the country. Visit the training events tab of this website to see upcoming events.