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ICF Design Guide for Multi-storey Buildings 5.54 MB 641 downloads

This guide has been compiled by the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association...

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Research & Testing


ICFMA Thermal Study 6.63 MB 830 downloads


    Training & Presentations


    Saferooms Secure Rooms And Community Shelters 0 63 downloads

    This presentation discusses safe rooms and secure rooms in homes and community shelters...

    2018 ICF Summit Stronger Safer Homes - Breezy Point 0 82 downloads

    This presentation discusses creating Stronger Safer Homes using the #Hurricane Strong...

    ICF Basics for Commercial Installers 0 141 downloads

    This presentation covers the basics of ICFs for Commercial Installers and Projects. ...

    Iowa Nest - Net Zero Energy at Conventional Cost 0 139 downloads

    This presentation explained the goal for this house is to show that aggressive performance...

    ICF vs Wood Framed construction in Mid-Rise Buildings 5.79 MB 115 downloads

    This presentation was presented by Harvey Schellenberg of HP Builders. It compares...

    Multifamily Mid-Rise Homes 20.90 MB 178 downloads

    This presentation was presented by Jill Lewis Smith, AIA, NCARB and prepared by Civic...

    Mid-Rise ICF vs CMU & Wood 14.28 MB 127 downloads

    This presentation was created by Mike Cleary to discuss panelization of ICFs, comparison...

    Building your Construction Business with Disaster Resistant ICF Structures 15.59 MB 109 downloads

    This presentation was given by Mike Garrett, CEO of BuildBlock ICFs and is focused...

    Disaster Resilient Homes Presentation 5.60 MB 72 downloads

    This Disaster Resilient Homes Presentation was created and presented by Mike Russell...