ICF Foundations: Things to Know Before You Build

Are you planning on using ICF to build your concrete foundation? Great choice! Your new basement will outperform the building code and give your buyers a more comfortable living space. To help your ICF project succeed, we’ve jotted down a few helpful tips on planning, design, and installation. Read on to find out more! Space planning with ICF Consider how you’ll plan the space. To be realistic, allot roughly half of the ICF basement to storage and mechanicals, and leave the other half for living space. With this much living space available below grade, explore the option of reducing the square footage of the main floors. This trade-off will optimize the home’s floor areas and save your buyers money. Keep in mind that ICF works above grade too. Upgrading your main floor walls to ICF will speed up installation, reduce your project’s material use, boost the home’s energy efficiency, and free up some floor area.  Design with ICF in mind Regardless of the basement’s intended height, try to design your walls to a 4-inch height increment. This way you can use a combination of our regular 16” tall blocks and our 12” tall V12 blocks and you won’t have to cut [...]