Looking to save on high energy costs? Build a new concrete home

The latest home-building technology is finally putting a major dent in the high cost of heating and cooling. If you are in the market to build the most energy efficient new home possible, experts recommend you should consider the many benefits of concrete. Concrete houses made using the latest advanced system of pre-fabricated, interlocking insulated concrete forms (ICFs) can help you save on energy consumption and cut your energy bills by more than half. “Our ICF system creates an envelope of superior strength, continuous insulation, conservation and energy efficiency,” explained Keven Rector at NUDURA, a leading name in building with insulated concrete forms. “They provide tighter construction and stronger insulation as the walls conserve heating and cooling energy in a muchmore efficient manner than traditional wooden-frame walls. Subsequently, monthly energy consumption bills are considerably reduced.” Concrete houses lead to an array of savings The Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) recently conducted third-party testing from CLEB Laboratories which highlights the energy savings of ICF when compared to conventional wood framing. The thermal study proves an ICF wall can achieve up to 60% energy savings and 58% greater R-value for home and building owners. How does it work? At the building [...]