Building codes are constantly evolving based on the latest research and market shifts. But rather than looking at local codes as a challenge to overcome, the best builders and architects see them as the minimum standard to meet and exceed to provide the highest quality and longest-lasting structures for their customers.

To ease this ever-changing process, here are four ways building codes will likely evolve, so you can make sure you’re ahead of the curve.


person in wheelchair on building entrance rampAs our population continues to age, older generations are increasingly looking to “age in place,” continuing to live in the homes where they raised their families. To accomplish that often requires accessibility retrofits to add-on accommodations like ramps, stair lifts and grab bars.

Forward-thinking builders and architects are already incorporating features that future-proof homes for any necessary modifications down the road.

These vary from integrating wider doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs to installing handrails along both sides of every stairway. Other options include roughing in wiring at the base of stairways for a future chair lift or stacking closets on each floor of a multi-story home that can be later converted into an elevator shaft.

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