Building houses with insulated concrete forms is becoming increasingly popular, as demand for eco-friendly materials rises. Contractors are also realizing the many benefits of ICFs, which are faster to install and take up less space on the jobsite than wood, driving down the cost of labor and other expenses.But did you know that ICFs can also be used for much more than home foundations? The highly versatile material can be custom cut to the shape or radius you specify, making it ideal for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Here are just a few of the many innovative examples:

Swimming Pools

More homeowners are choosing Nudura ICFs for outdoor living projects. Swimming pools are often built in conjunction with custom homes, so it is a natural fit to use ICFs for both.

A swimming pool with curved edges A swimming pool in progress of being built using Nudura ICFs

An article posted by ICF Builder Magazine suggested that swimming pools can lose up to 80% of their temperature through the sides and bottom, so building with ICFs will greatly reduce this heat loss due to their continuous insulation. Homeowners can reduce energy costs if they build with ICFs, which provide superior insulation and strength. ICF pools can also be custom made to accommodate any design, making them a great option for pool construction.

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