There are many advantages to designing your own home. Gone are the builder-basic styles, layouts that don’t work for your family, and exteriors you can’t tell apart from your neighbors’. To help with your planning, check out these pro tips:

Find the Right Property

There are no limits to what you can create with a custom-built home, but the size and quality of your lot do impose restrictions. While you don’t need to have everything decided when you purchase the property, make sure you have a general idea of what you need — your architect or contractor can help with this. Also, double check zoning laws, so you don’t wind up not being able to build your dream three-stories on a residential street that only allows bungalows.

A residential construction site using ICF blocksBuilt in Pismo Beach, California, the Bluff House took advantage of Nudura ICF’s design flexibility.

Consider Your Lifestyle

What kind of lifestyle do you want? What’s important to you? From bigger elements like smart home automation and sustainability, to smaller considerations like storage and organization, think of these when designing the layout and built-in elements. For example, if you hate shoveling, now is the time to make sure you have the shortest driveway possible.

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