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ICF Design Guide for Multi-storey Buildings 5.54 MB 1402 downloads

This guide has been compiled by the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association...

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ICFMA Thermal Study 6.63 MB 1761 downloads


    Training & Presentations


    Saferooms Secure Rooms And Community Shelters 0 112 downloads

    This presentation discusses safe rooms and secure rooms in homes and community shelters...

    2018 ICF Summit Stronger Safer Homes - Breezy Point 0 129 downloads

    This presentation discusses creating Stronger Safer Homes using the #Hurricane Strong...

    ICF Basics for Commercial Installers 0 165 downloads

    This presentation covers the basics of ICFs for Commercial Installers and Projects. ...

    Iowa Nest - Net Zero Energy at Conventional Cost 0 186 downloads

    This presentation explained the goal for this house is to show that aggressive performance...

    ICF vs Wood Framed construction in Mid-Rise Buildings 5.79 MB 194 downloads

    This presentation was presented by Harvey Schellenberg of HP Builders. It compares...