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Weather the storm with an ICF safe Room

Now is the time to take precautionary steps towards the utmost security of your home and family in the event of extreme weather occurrences, say officials observing climate change. Recent survey findings show that most homeowners are worried about the ability to cope with the damage caused by severe storms, hurricanes, tornados, and flooding. Safety is the main preoccupation, but so are the costs associated with destruction and loss. “One answer that solves many issues is to opt for the strongest impact-resilient house available, or at the very least a safe room within your home built using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)” says Martin Clark at Nudura, a leading manufacturer of insulated concrete forms. BENEFITS OF BUILDING A SAFE ROOM WITH INSULATED CONCRETE FORMS (ICFS) ICF safe rooms can be incorporated into a home. Safe rooms are created by building any room with ICF walls, pouring a “concrete lid” on top, and installing a steel door. Walls built using ICF have proven to withstand winds up to 250mph (402 kph) and protect against flying debris as demonstrated in the impact test provided by Nudura and ABC Domes & Texas Tech University. A safe room is also great as a storage area for your [...]

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Strength in the Storm: The Florida Beach House

The Florida Beach House Proves How Strong, Efficient, and Beautiful an ICF Home Can Be The ICF industry hangs its hat on a few defining benefits; energy efficiency, ease of construction, and disaster resistance. While we never hope that your home comes in contact with any kind of disaster (natural or otherwise) it is always encouraging to see our structures live up to the benefits we so proudly proclaim. The Florida Beach House is a shining example of just how strong and resilient ICF structures are as it survived a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. The design and strength of this house have helped to earn it one of the top spots at this year’s ICF Builder Awards. Project Information Name: Florida Keys Beach HouseLocation: Islamorada, FL Size: 7,972 square feet (4,501 livable) Square Footage of ICF Used: 17,672 The Home You Want, Without Compromises Located in Islamorada, Florida in the Florida Keys, this stunning 3 story beach house has everything you could want in an island oasis.  The home is airy, open, and bright with direct access to the ocean and stunning island views. The large windows throughout the house provide a great amount of natural sunlight and the [...]

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Concrete walls emerging as green trend in new construction

With today’s mandate of building tighter, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes, builders are constantly looking for durable and energy-efficient materials for the construction of their new building projects.The combination of these rising energy requirements and fuel costs mean that they need to make the most of the latest advances in building technology.With the continuous decline in the quality of framing lumber and unpredictable price fluctuations, Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) building systems have emerged as an innovative building material in the construction industry over the past decade. What are Insulating Concrete Forms? “Insulated Concrete Forms are made of two panels of EPS (expanded polystyrene) joined together by plastic webs. During construction, they are assembled to form the foundations and walls of a building,” explained KevenRector at NUDURA, a leading name in building with insulated concrete forms. “Concrete is then poured inside the gap between the foam panels to form a solid, continuous insulated structure. ICFs are an efficient alternative to conventional wood framing techniques that is solving energy costs, storm security and interior air quality as well as occupant conservation priorities all at the same time.” ICFs can withstand extreme weather conditions ICFs are designed to stay in place as [...]

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