Weather the storm with an ICF safe Room

Now is the time to take precautionary steps towards the utmost security of your home and family in the event of extreme weather occurrences, say officials observing climate change. Recent survey findings show that most homeowners are worried about the ability to cope with the damage caused by severe storms, hurricanes, tornados, and flooding. Safety is the main preoccupation, but so are the costs associated with destruction and loss. “One answer that solves many issues is to opt for the strongest impact-resilient house available, or at the very least a safe room within your home built using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)” says Martin Clark at Nudura, a leading manufacturer of insulated concrete forms. BENEFITS OF BUILDING A SAFE ROOM WITH INSULATED CONCRETE FORMS (ICFS) ICF safe rooms can be incorporated into a home. Safe rooms are created by building any room with ICF walls, pouring a “concrete lid” on top, and installing a steel door. Walls built using ICF have proven to withstand winds up to 250mph (402 kph) and protect against flying debris as demonstrated in the impact test provided by Nudura and ABC Domes & Texas Tech University. A safe room is also great as a storage area for your [...]

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ICF Training Series: Safety

ICF Safety and Best Practices Welcome to the BuildBlock ICF Installer Training Series. This is 20 part video series is intended to be an educational walk-through of the ICF building process. From the early planning phases to pouring concrete and finishing walls, this series will provide the basic knowledge you need to have a successful BuildBlock ICF build. In part 2 of the series, we discuss safety on an ICF job site. We take a look at safety equipment, proper practices, and the importance of keeping a clean and organized job site. The videos in this series are produced as a companion to the BuildBlock Installation and Technical Manuals available for free download on the Publications Page or for purchase via the BuildBlock Online Store. You can view more videos in this series via the BuildBlock Blog or by subscribing to the BuildBlock YouTube Page. For a more in-depth training experience,  you can take the free Online ICF Installer Training Series. Video Transcript Safety Welcome to the safety training section. Job site safety is one of the most important skills you will need to practice every time. In this short video, we will cover the importance of a safe and clean work environment as well as [...]

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