The Ohio Board of Education has approved the ICFMA Installer training course as part of their construction trades credentialing program for a total of six credit hours.  Students who are part of any construction trades program in the State of Ohio are required to get a total of 12 hours of credential credits to graduate.  These credential courses are typically produced by local industry and serve as a way for local businesses to educate students about potential opportunities in the field of construction.

Quote from Micah Garrett, Chair of the ICFMA Education Committee “We are very excited about making this course available for trades students in the State of Ohio.  This is the first time we have been able to get a program of this type approved on a state-wide level, and this represents a great opportunity to introduce and train the next generation of ICF installers.”

This program would not be able to take place without the direct support of Ohio Concrete, and the National Ready Mix Concrete Association.  Both organizations have been instrumental in helping getting the course approved and offer it on a local level to trade schools around the state.

Currently the ICFMA is committed to a total of 8 courses during the fall and spring semester in several different regions of Ohio.  The first course, taught by SuperForm instructor Jason Schneider was a great success, and we look forward to more course offerings in the future.