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ICF Home Survives Hurricane Michael

The "Sand Palace" a model of resilient architecture It was easily the most noticeable house on the oceanfront of Mexico Beach, Florida…simply because it was still standing. On October 10, 2018, Mexico Beach was flattened by Hurricane Michael and amongst the devastating destruction, one home stood upright on stilts above all the apocalyptic destruction, appearing largely unscathed and shining majestically in the sun. The home, known as the "Sand Palace", would garner the attention of countless national and local media outlets fascinated by its story of incredible resilience faced with such a powerful destructive force.  The New York Times, CNN, Weather Network, Fox News and several others all clamored to find out why the three-story, four-bedroom, 4½ bath vacation rental was able to withstand the sustained 155 miles per hour winds that wreaked havoc on all that surrounded it.  And what they found according to its owners, Dr. Lebron Lackey and his uncle, Russell King, was that the home was specifically designed to do just that – survive "the big one". "At every point, from pilings to the roof and everything in between, when it came time to make a decision about what level of material or what to use, [...]

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Build With Strength: Chesapeake Village Center, Stephensville, MD

An NRMCA Build With Strength Concrete Design Center Project The NRMCA Build With Strength Concrete Design Center provides information, expertise and resources for commercial mid-rise projects. Connecting architects, engineers, and material experts to create structures that are strong, resilient, extremely energy efficient and cost effective to construct.

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